Commercializing Proven Technology that Cleans Water, Fuel and Waste

Bringing the world of energy and water together, Pangea carefully selects commercially-viable clean tech that can be mass deployed.

Our four Featured Technologies Consist of: deploys an electrostatic filtration system reducing cost, hazardous waste, carbon footprint and downtime at power plants and refineries. Currently offering a free trial of this “dialysis for lubricants” that that will demonstrate immediate cleaning of oil as it extends the life of lubricants. Click here to view video sterilizes and shreds medical waste at lower cost than the current burn and bury methods of the 19th century. Click here to view video this microbial analyzer is the first technology for hospitals, nursing homes, condominium developments, water treatment plants to measure organic contamination. is an advanced, small footprint waste water treatment system for industrial users that produces exceptionally clean water.

Contact Us: If interested in a demo of any of the above, or to determine if your filtration technology qualifies for Pangea to commercialize, please contact Mickey Walsh,, 318-455-1548

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