April 1, 2020

When thinking about starting a blog I wondered what the topic of discussion should be. After consideration I thought I would tell the story of how I got the place where Pangea filtration technology has come of age. I have been in fluid management since 1979. If you count bartending in College, then you can add a few more years! My first professional experience was with chemical treatment of cooling towers and boilers. Working for a major company in this industry I eventually covered Texas, Louisiana, southern Arkansas, as well as western Mississippi. Over 16 years I learned wastewater treatment, food processing, paper making, and reservoir management. From there I worked as a consultant while discovering more advanced oxidation chemistries (I know, nerdy right?). It turned out that the addition of ozone to my knowledge base was just what SPX corporation (Then Marley cooling tower) wanted for their Service solutions group. I became the international face of Marley Ozone treatment of cooling towers for the next five years. With an amazing engineering representative base of about 100 firms in North America and about that many more globally we set out to change the way cooling treatment was applied. Changes in

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