is advancing a “dialysis for lubricant” proven to extend the life of lubricants used to operate electric power plants while reducing hazardous waste disposal. Click for slide show.

Sterilizes and shreds medical waste at a fraction of the cost of incineration and landfill. Licensed in 31 states, it is the only clean way to dispose of the poison that hospitals, medical centers, clinics produce; and the wave of the future.

Pangea has arranged to display Clean Waste Systems at the center court of the Pentago

The only water analyzer in the market delivering rapid detection of microbial contamination in water that is both affordable and ensures very high detection sensitivity. It provides a “Yes/No” approach to real-time monitoring of water quality, which allows effective alerting the water management staff to a sudden and dangerous increase in the water contamination level. .

Offers biological wastewater treatment processes that can be used as secondary treatment for a variety of municipal and industrial applications. For over a decade, Headworks has developed compact wastewater treatment systems and technology for moving bed processes, fixed-film wastewater treatment, and integrated fixed-film activated sludge wastewater systems.
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